Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Questions for Doug Silversten

by Sarah (The Fanatic's Wife)

For this week’s Wild Card Wednesday, I have decided to conduct an interview with my husband (the fanatic) in the hopes that I can continue to gain a deeper understanding of his baseball obsessed ways.

Q: Doug, would you give up your left pinky to ensure that the Yankees would never again win the World Series?

A: [Pause] No…(I am slightly worried about the pause and the far off look in his eyes right now)

If George Steinbrenner was running against George Bush in the presidential election, who would get your vote?

Do I have to answer this question?


This is painful. Next question. I don’t know what I would do.

Fair enough. If Manny was running would you vote for him?

Over George Bush? I consider that a wash.

Well, you know I’d vote for Manny. Speaking of which, how painful was the s$*@p this weekend?

It was my most painful Yankee moment since Aaron Boone.

Ah yes…it brings tears to my eyes. I had to watch the fifth game with your brother (a huge Yankee fan) giving me pitiful looks…now that was painful. But I keep telling myself that the Sox are a bunch of drama kings and that they need to keep things exciting. Do you still think they’ll make the playoffs?

Odds are no. But I don’t think it’s as unlikely as the pundits are saying.

The answer is: yes. Wildcard. Okay…I have to ask: what was it like growing up in a house with your diehard Yankee-loving father and brother? Post traumatic stress? What?

In a way it was a good thing because if it wasn’t for them, I would honestly think that all Yankee fans are evil. Just like there was some good in Darth Vader, I know deep down there is some good and they may come over from the dark side.

Deep. I love your father and brother. They are just seriously misguided. So, how bout them Mets?

Looking good. As a Met fan, I am not used to this much success. I don’t know what to do with myself. But I am past the point in worrying that they’ll blow this lead.

Are they going to the big show? Is that what you call it?

That’s when someone makes it to the major leagues.

Oh yeah. I knew that didn’t sound right. Anyway, are the Mets going to the World Series? And how much money would you pay to get seats at one of the games?

I’m a realist and odds are that the Mets will not go to the World Series. But considering that this is most likely my last year living in the city, if they make it, I’m there.

Okay, last one: would you take $10,000 to never participate in Fantasy Baseball again?

No. (No pause this time. The look is more like, “are you crazy, woman?!”)

Thank you, Doug. It has been a pleasure conducting this interview.

I love you. sweet. Try to keep it professional here!

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