Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Best YouTube Baseball Videos

A few weeks ago, ESPN’s Bill Simmons listed his favorite YouTube videos. It was a great article, and I encourage anyone who likes Simmons’ writing to read it. However, we here at Baseball For Thought primarily only care about one thing...Baseball, of course! And while we appreciate Simmons throwing in classic YouTube videos from the Entertainment world, or other sports, our baseball crazed readership doesn’t want to have to sift through countless entries to find the good baseball clips, the only ones they care about. Thus, as a favor to our dear readers, this week’s Wild Card Wednesday provides you with the top YouTube baseball videos, many of which were mentioned in Simmons’ article so you don’t need to bother reading through his epic column to find the clips that matter:

* indicates YouTube video not mentioned in Simmons' article, but that we dig nonetheless

Arkansas Batter Wins an Oscar
This is pretty hilarious. Arkansas batter Brian Walker fakes getting hit by a pitch…by a ball that misses him by a mile. I am curious what he said to the medical person who runs out and checks on him. Amazing how fast he recovers from his devastating elbow injury as he is able to strongly toss the bat away a few seconds later when he strikes out.

*Minor League Manager Goes Nuts

This one got some national airtime, as I even saw it on CNN. It puts some of Lou Pinella's meltdowns to shame.


One word: Wow.

2004 ALCS, Game 4
Yankee fans, turn away. Everyone else, click the link. Listen closely…I love the smart fan who screams, “No bunting. No bunting!” The only thing missing from this great clip is perhaps the most famous stolen base in the history of baseball, which occurred right before this video starts. Still, goosebump inducing. Great stuff.

2004 ALCS, Game 5
The next night, more Ortiz heroics, and another classic YouTube video. My only question with these videos is why is someone watching a tense playoff game through a camcorder lens?

1986 World Series, Game 6 Re-Enactment
Combine Nintendo’s classic RBI Baseball game with perhaps the most famous baseball moment of them all and what do you get? Pure genius. I’m so curious how much work went into creating this, but it was worth the effort. Conor Lastowka, whoever you are, take a bow. You created the best YouTube video ever.

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