Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More fearless NLDS and World Series Picks!

by Alan Eliot et al.

Yesterday, we began by predicting the outcomes of the two ALDS and one NLDS series that began on Tuesday. Today, we continue by unveiling our pick for the final series, Dodgers/Mets, which begins today. All picks were made by Monday night. You can see yesterday's column, and our picks for the other three series, here.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers at New York Mets- series start time (estimated) 4:00 PM

Doug: Dodgers in 4. "Because I'm a pessmistic Mets fan and nervous about jinxing them."
Alan: Mets in 5. "This one will be close. The Mets are the better offensive team, but they have so many questions with their starting pitching. If they score early and often, we'll see them in the NLCS."
Scott: Dodgers in 4. "This was the worst possible matchup for the Mets, who would have held a huge offensive advantage over every team in the NL with the exception of the Dodgers."
Matt: "I pick the Mets. Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part, but I do think the Mets have the stronger lineup and bullpen."
Michael: Mets in 4 - "This was the hardest one for me to say. Just leave that actually. That's perfect. Actually I'll go so far as to say this. Even without Pedro, the Mets are clearly the class of the National League. That's honesty right there."
Jeremy: Mets in 3. "The Mets are the real deal this year. The Dodgers will play them tight every game but the Mets will win all three by one run in the late innings."
Sam: Dodgers in 4. "Sorry guys. Dodgers have better starting pitching now that Pedro is done. This is the obvious upset, but no one wants to admit it."
Rob: Mets in four.

Fearless World Series Predictions:

The columnists were asked this question: "Tell me your pick for World Series winner, but specifically differentiate between who you want to win and who you think will win... ie 1. Who you want to win the World Series 2. Who you'd pick to win the World Series if you had a million dollars riding on the outcome". Here are their responses, all of them received by Monday night:

Doug: "Who I WANT to win: Mets. Who I THINK will win: Yankees."

Alan: "Who I want to win: Mets, Who I think will win: Twins."

Scott: "Want: Yanks. Think: Tigers"

Matt: "Of course, I want the Mets to win, but I fear that the Yankees will."

Michael: "Yanks all the way"

Jeremy: "Who I want to win: Cards. Who I think will win: Twins. But, if I had a million dollars, I'd go with the Yankees because usually the ones I hate the most win."

Sam: Who I want to win the World Series: San Diego Padres. Clearly I've supported this stellar team all along, and it would be wonderful for all my astute predictions to come true, culminating in a World Series victory for the Padres.
Who I think will win the World Series: New York Yankees. Since anyone else in their right mind will predict the Yankees too, I refer you to what they said."

Rob: "Want to win: obviously the Mets. Who I think will: unfortunately the Yanks."

Finally, in the beginning of the season, we made predictions for who would win each respective division, along with MVP, Cy Young, NLCS, ALCS, and World Series winners. You can see the full column along with tables here. Without boring you with the details, which we will review upon the completion of the postseason- in that predictions column, we guessed how many HR Bonds would hit in 2006. Amazingly, we got pretty close. Columnists Jeremy Bird and Rob Hyman were closest with 25 and 27, respectively. Bonds hit 26- not counting the injury plagued 2005, his lowest total since 1991.

Doug: 35, Alan: 30, Scott: 33, Matt: 35, Michael: 31, Jeremy: 25, Rob: 27, Fanatic's Wife: 29

Come back to Baseball For Thought this postseason for your daily column fix, along with predictions for every upcoming series- NLCS, ALCS and World Series.

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Blogger Tony Park said...

The only way the Mets win this series is if I pick them to lose. So I pick them to do anything but lose. In 4.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006  
Blogger Tony Park said...

of course, as soon as i post a snide reverse-jinxed comment, delgado and floyd homer in the same inning. go figure.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006  
Anonymous Sarah (the Fanatic's wife) said...

you sexist pig...didn't you think to ask my predictions?
I'll never forgive you for this,

Wednesday, October 04, 2006  
Blogger Tony Park said...

Al is at least half a sexist pig - he's half korean. So Sarah - what are your predictions?

Thursday, October 05, 2006  

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