Thursday, October 19, 2006

Joe Consensus Struggling in October

by Scott Silversten

The only person who has had a worse October than George Steinbrenner is Joe Consensus.

Joe Consensus?

Although you may not be able to identify him in a crowd of two, Joe Consensus finds his way into every sports conversation. He is the biggest prognosticator this side of Punxsutawney Phil. And much like everyone’s favorite groundhog, it’s hard to take Joe Consensus seriously.

While Mr. Consensus is often wrong when giving his opinions about football, basketball and any other sport, he really hates baseball. In fact, he’s wondering if we could all stop asking his opinions, especially once October rolls around each year.

When asked for thoughts on the baseball playoffs on the day after the regular season, Joe said the following:

• The Tigers have no chance to beat the Yankees. In fact, Detroit might be the weakest playoff opponent the Yankees have faced in the Joe Torre era.

• Even if a miracle occurs and the Tigers do advance past the Division Series, they are not a World Series team. The Twins overtook Detroit at the end of September and surely would beat them in the ALCS.

• Despite their tremendous season, it’s clear the Mets don’t have enough pitching to reach the World Series.

• Since the Mets will be going home early, the NL participant in the World Series will likely be either Los Angeles or San Diego. The Cardinals collapsed in late September and are nothing more than roadkill for the Padres, who have learned their lesson after last year’s postseason struggles.

Listen, no one can be right all the time, especially when talking sports. So Mr. Consensus was contacted again on October 9 prior to the start of the League Championship Series. Here’s what he had to say:

• Kenny Rogers’ stellar performance against the Yankees was an aberration. No way he performs that well ever again.

• Who is Alexis Gomez?

• Ken Macha, now there is a great manager.

• Pitching also beats great hitting, so expect Chris Carpenter to shut down the powerful Mets.

• The Mets will win the NLCS behind a strong offense and stronger bullpen. Closer Billy Wagner will lead the way!

After what has transpired in the least predictable postseason in recent baseball memory, Joe Consensus is moving on to sports that are much more predictable. His lock prediction for the upcoming weekend … Pittsburgh will beat Rutgers in college football.

Because as we all know, everyone beats Rutgers.


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