Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The End of the Wild-Card Wednesday

Dear loyal BFT reader,

"Wild-Card Wednesdays" have appeared every Wednesday from March-August 2006. We will be introducing at least one new, permanent columnist in the Wednesday slot starting next week. WCW will make an appearance every now and again, but the era of the WCW as we know it is over.

To mark this momentous occasion, we wanted to give each week's WCW one last chance to stand in the sun, to be read by a few more pairs of eyes before falling forever into the archival abyss.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

1. Spit Happens (8/9) - The Fanatic's Wife's humorous look at the ritual of spitting in the game of baseball
2. Steal of a Deal for the Yanks (8/2) - Analyzing the deal that brought Abreu to the Bronx
3. The Best Youtube Baseball Videos (7/19)
4. Our Day at Shea (7/12) - The Fanatic's Wife spends a day at the park
5. BFT- A Four Month Review (7/5) - Every column written by a BFT columnist, organized for your convenience. NB: Archiving problems (and the inflexibility of the blogger system to design) are among the main reasons we are moving to our own server
6. Preseason Predictions- How We Doing So Far? (6/28)
7. HR and ERA: A 25-Year Prespective (6/21) - Analyzing HR and ERA trends in MLB using league stats and graphs
8. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Fall in Love with Corey Patterson (6/14) - Doug Silversten's love poem to his favorite Oriole
9. No Pun Intended (6/7) - The Fanatic's Wife gets fed up with cheesy sports headlines
10. Part II (Beltran, Reyes, Wright)... (5/31) - Analyzing the defense of the "Franchise" of the NY Mets, with link to Part I- Offense
11. The Most Amazing Season (5/24) - Profiling the 1987 Milwaukee Brewers, the most amazing team that you've never heard of
12. Open Letter to Carlos Delgado (5/17) - The Fanatic's Wife falls in love with yet another man who is not her husband
13. To Mom. Love, Your Baseball-Playing Son (5/10) - A mother's day special including quotations from MLB players about their mothers
14. Baseball's Unbreakable Records (5/3) - Doug Silversten's top five (note: not met with universal agreement among co-columnists)
15. Quiz By Numbers (4/26) - How many stitches are on a regulation baseball, anyway?
16. My New Boyfriend (4/19) - The Fanatic's Wife goes gaga over young Met David Wright, after a painful split from "traitor" Johnny Damon
17. Top Five Baseball Sites on the Web (4/12) - Baseball Prospectus is #5- can you name the other four?
18. The Lost Weekend (4/5) - The Fanatic's Wife laments her husband's obsession with fantasy baseball
19. BFT's Preseason Predictions for 2006 (3/29) - See which two columnists shrewdly picked the Indians to win the AL Pennant
20. Spaghetti Arms (3/22) - The Fanatic's Wife's photo profile of contortionist pitchers
21. The Need For Speed (3/15) - Guest columnist and ex-Sphinxer Tony Park discusses how the 2006 season may be affected by MLB's recent ban of amphetamines
21. The Mighty Dinger (3/8) - Alan Eliot interviews some of baseball's greatest ever for their take on the HR

"Wild-Card Wednesdays" appeared every Wednesday


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