Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our Day at Shea

by The Fanatic's Wife

Doug and I both agreed that it had been way too long since we had been to a game together. To make up for lost times, we attended the double-header against the Marlins on Saturday. We went with fellow Baseball For Thought-er Rob and his fiancée, so when the boys went into their baseball-induced trance, at least I had some support.

We had great seats: out of the sun and directly behind home plate. The smell of stale beer was carried through the air on the light breeze. The crunch of peanut shells beneath our feet, melted ice cream in a miniature helmet left on the seat, vendors in blinding neon green shirts…ahhhh…Shea.

The first game was pretty good, except that we lost. As Rob's fiancée and I were gossiping about stuff that is of no interest to any men, the Marlins hit two home runs. Boo. Then the Marlins’ pitcher (some dude) walked home two runs. Yay! Then they hit another home run. Boo. Now that is my version of a game summary!

Before the next game started we decided to take a walk to stretch our legs and get the blood flow back into our butts (it happens). Rejuvenated by the wonderful concessions that you can only truly enjoy while watching America’s Pastime, we got back to our seats. Well…not exactly true. While we were in line, the boys kept running in to check out the Mets’ “number one pitching prospect,” Mike Pelfrey. Being the nice, wonderful women we are, we stayed on line and let the boys go back to their seats. Are we good or what?

Ready for game two! Valentin: grand slam and then a three run triple. We were all getting stadium-butt-itis (it’s a technical term) again and had enough faith in our Metsies that they could hold the lead. They won 17-3. Yay!

The Mets know how important women are to the game of baseball. Saturday happened to be “Take HER Out to the Ballgame” Day. We were presented with a Hawaiian print tote bag and hand lotion. Women love products, so it was good. The Mets organization obviously understands what many women go through during baseball season (being ignored, never getting to watch their T.V.) and they rightly acknowledged the contribution and sacrifices women make from April through October. So thank you. And let this serve as an example to men everywhere.

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