Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An Open Letter to Carlos Delgado

Dear Carlos,

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you for making my husband so happy. Ever since you became a Met, you have been bringing joy to my favorite fanatic, Doug.

Each of your 13 home runs (so many of which seem to happen at just the right time, by the way) make Doug jump for joy and exclaim, "I love this guy!" Am I jealous of his feelings for you? Not at with a Met fan over the past few years has been pretty sullen…you have given hope to Doug and made it a much more cheerful environment in the Silversten home.

Doug has invested a lot in you. As a top pick in the all-important Fantasy Baseball Draft, Doug counts on you to give his team power. When you crack the bat for a base hit, you are making Doug happy on two levels: reality and fantasy. He even advertises for Baseball For Thought on your B-Ref page. He wouldn’t do this unless he really likes you…and he really does.

Carlos, you seem like a great guy. I don’t know much about your baseball career or stats, but anyone who makes Doug’s face light up like that must be a pretty special person. Keep up the good work…you are making my life much easier. I don’t have to listen to the angry "my fantasy team sucks/the Mets suck" rant as long as you keep the hits coming. I get to see smiles and hear enthusiastic applause…it’s much more pleasant.

Once again, thanks.


"The Fanatic’s Wife"

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