Friday, April 28, 2006

Here's to the Locals

by Rob Hyman
When I say Bob Uecker what do you think of?

- His role as the radio broadcaster for the Cleveland Indians in Major League
- The Miller Lite ads with him in the cheap seats
- His role as the dad on Mr. Belvedere (may Mr. Belvedere rest in peace)

The one thing you probably don’t think of is that he is the play-by-play radio announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers

What about Harry Kalas?

You'd know the voice if you heard it, but how many Phillies radio broadcasts have you ever listened to?

And Vin Scully?

Ahh – Vin Scully. The man who called the most memorable moment of my childhood:

"So the winning run is at second base with two out. Three-and-two to Mookie Wilson. . . . A little roller up along first . . . behind the bag . . . it gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight! And the Mets win it!"

Scully stopped doing national broadcasts in 1997, but he is still the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Why do I point all this out? Because unlike in the days of Mel Allen, Jack Buck and Harry Carry, or Ernie Harwell these current classic voices are available to you on a daily basis through’s Gameday Audio.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial – even the most casual of baseball fans should plunk down the $15 it costs to have access to ANY radio broadcast for the ENTIRE season. It is unbelievably worth it.

Since the season started I've listened to broadcasts from all over the country - and I'll tell you this - John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman get criticized for being biased but you should listen to Tom Hamilton on WTAM in Cleveland. Now there is a home town announcer with some spirit! But he's great to listen to - and you can't help but root for the Indians when he's on.

Who can blame local announcers for being biased? Their name says it all - local. The announcers are supposed to make you feel like it's your best friend describing the game to you, telling you what's happening with your team. Listen to Uecker - you'll feel like you're in your house in Milwaukee before you know it.

What I'm getting at is in this time of flying graphics and an overload of sponsors on television, take a moment to appreciate baseball on the radio.

I'm sure our father's generation have killed to get a listen to the classic voices. Well, here's your chance - so next time you're looking for something to do, log onto MLB Gameday Audio and check out that Brewers / Reds game for a few innings. Let Bob Uecker entertain you as he has entertained the Brewer fan base since 1970.

Rob Hyman's column appears alternate Fridays


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