Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pitching Prospects Humber and Pelfrey in NY Times

Speaking of pitching woes, a winter cleaning has left the Mets farm system depleted. In fact, the Mets' most highly touted pitching prospect, Mike Pelfrey, has yet to pitch his first game in the minors. He, as well as Philip Humber, are profiled in today's New York Times.

For the moment, the 6-foot-4-inch, 210-pound Humber is the almost-forgotten phenom, his locker against a wall in a corner of the clubhouse. The only time video camera operators head toward him is to interview the man across from him, David Wright. Meanwhile, the 6-foot-7-inch, 230-pound Pelfrey is on the fast track, drawing slack-jawed stares and rave reviews for his poise, fluid mechanics and, oh yes, that 96 mile-an-hour fastball. A recent session in which he pitched live batting practice elicited smiles from the crowd of Mets officials gathered behind the cage. "His stuff makes you go, 'Wow!' " Manager Willie Randolph said. Humber is on a much slower track. Despite innovations in Tommy John surgery, it still takes about a year for the body to adapt to a tendon for use as a ligament, and there is often a temptation to return too quickly. Humber said he is following his doctors' orders and adhering to the rehabilitation plan. He can participate in all pitchers' drills, and next Monday will throw his first bullpen session. It will be only 15 pitches, and he will throw only at half-effort, he said, but it will mark the first tangible evidence that he is on his way back.

The other buried headline within the article would be "Rick Peterson, Shakespeare of Our Time". On the two prospects, Peterson quips:

"They have all the ingredients for a delicious recipe," the pitching coach Rick Peterson said. "But that doesn't mean they'll be gourmet chefs immediately."

Wait a minute- are they the food or the chefs? Wait, so they have the ingredients, like the ingredients are in them. Oh I see! The "ingredients" mean talent! Perhaps tools! So then they're the food. They need a "chef" to prepare them. Ah, I see. So in this case, a "gourmet chef" really would be someone like a coach or a manager, maybe it could even mean something abstract like playing experience. So they wouldn't be the chefs themselves. They need them. I think. Oy. I'm confused.

All in all, this is the second most nonsensical statement ever uttered by Rick Peterson- second, of course, to "I can fix Victor Zambrano in ten minutes."


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oy vey, who is they?

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