Sunday, February 19, 2006


Welcome to Baseball For Thought---and our first post!

You know, with such a momentous occasion, one would think that we'd delve right into the thick of things, analyzing off-season trades and acquisitions, personnel moves, or management decisions. And believe us, with an entire winter without baseball, and with spring-training in the air, we are chomping at the bit to get to it!

For now, though, we'll keep it short and sweet. We are two baseball fanatics. And this website is a testament to our love of the game.

Please come back often to read the latest commentary on the state of the game. Doug and I will seek to provide thoughtful analysis on every facet of baseball --- from the managers to the players, from off the field decision-making to the writers who cover the greatest game of them all.

So, without further ado- PLAY BALL!


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"I've had a pretty good success facing Stan (Musial) by throwing him my best pitch and backing up third base."
- Carl Erskine